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Before using the AUNGLES FLUTE MICROPHONE, please read the microphone manual.

1.   Check to see that your flute headcork is in the correct position by using the measuring mark on the blunt end of your cleaning rod. The mark should appear exactly in the centre of the tone hole.

2.   Remove the top (crown) of your flute/piccolo/alto/bass headjoint. For alto & bass flutes only, place the washer adapter onto the microphone holder wooden crown. See figure 1. NOTE: LEAVE YOUR CROWN IN YOUR FLUTE CASE SO AS NOT TO LOSE IT.

3.   Hold the AUNGLES FLUTE MICROPHONE holder in one hand and the flute headjoint in the other. Gently bring the two together.Twist the flute headjoint into the thread of the microphone holder. It is best to hold the microphone still and rotate the flute headjoint.

4.   Keep turning gently until the AUNGLES FLUTE MICROPHONE holder is resting firmly against the end of the flute tube. See figure 2. For installation in a piccolo see figure 3.
Over-tightening the holder will move the headcork and cause your flute to go out of tune.

5.   The microphone holder arm will move independently of the wooden crown.To adjust the microphone position, rotate the u-shaped arm in the wooden flute crown. As each player’s embouchure (lip) position is different, it may be necessary to adjust the microphone arm until the optimum response is found through your sound system.

6.   The AUNGLES FLUTE MICROPHONE may be plugged directly into a 1/8”(3.5mm) socket or most sound systems using using the 1/8” to 1/4” (6.35mm) adapter plug supplied. To counteract the flutes natural strength in the top register it is advisable to turn the treble control down on your sound system or run the microphone through a graphic equaliser in your amplifier or mixing desk if you have one. This will produce a clearer, more balanced sound.

7.   Re-check to make sure that your flute headcork is still in the correct position.

WARNING: Do not leave the microphone switched on when not in use. To obtain maximum battery life, remove the battery when not using the microphone for extended periods. Do not kink or bend the microphone cable at any time and store the cable coiled.

CONTENTS Aungles flute microphone holder, microphone(mounted on holder) and owner’s manual, microphone wind sock, battery, 1/8” to 1/4” plug adapter, alto/bass flute adapter, tie clip.

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