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Resistor Color Code for 4 and 5 band resistors

Colour Code Icon
Resistor colour code chart
(680 x 1000 image.) 
Suitable for printing on an inkjet 

In PDF file format
(Page 2 has 4 charts to the page.) 

A preferred resistor value chart for laminating back to back with the color code chart.
And some notes on Deciphering the Color Code.
Thanks to Peter Veness MIEE, CEng. of Bournemouth University for the resistor value chart and notes.

Power Wheel
Ohms Law and the Power Law all in one place. 

Power_Wheel PDF

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Enter 2 known values and click any other unknown button for answer. 

Voltage (V)
Current (I)
Resistance (R)
Power (P)

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