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Talkback Substation with beeper and vibrator.

  • Selectable vibrator and/or beeper indication of calls.
  • Bright, wide angle flashing call light uses multiple LEDs.
  • Microcomputer controlled.
  • Can be assigned to one of four “call groups” (only one audio circuit)
  • Microphone and beeper mute from any other beltpack.
  • Microphone compressor.
  • Momentary or latching microphone button.
  • Powder coated die cast aluminium case. No plastic.
  • Virtually indestructible spring steel belt clip.
  • Replaceable standard metal XLR connectors. No plastic shell to break.
  • Works with industry standard headsets.
  • Switchmode power supply for reduced current drain. 
  • Optional Digital Remote Control of advanced features.
  • Available with and without vibrator and beeper options.


A microprocessor controlled intercom beltpack designed to make communication easier. 

Attention getting beeper and vibrator makes contacting crew more reliable. Individually selectable on each beltpack. 

Mute open mics from any beltpack.  Unlike certain other brands, no special  master station or option boxes are needed. Microphone mute is achieved simply with a timed 5-6 second call. 
When the mic is remotely muted, the beeper is also deselected.

A microphone compressor evens out loud and soft users. 

An optional remote control unit is available to control a number of advanced features. 

This is a single audio channel system.

Models available:
DTB/b Basic Substation. No remote control capability.
DTB/r  Remotely Controlled Substation.  For use with or without the Control Unit.
Each of the above are available with optional vibrator and/or beeper.

Control Unit

Control Unit pic.

Remote Control Unit for the Talkback Substation to allow access to advanced features.
This unit may be connected anywhere in the talkback system. 

A brief summary of the remotely controlled features follows. See the Remote Control Unit for full details. 

Mute Mics.
Mute microphones on all substations. 

Lockout Beepers.
Turns off and locks out beepers on all substations. Handy before a show starts. 

The beltpacks can be programmed to respond to calls from any one of four call groups. 

Call + Beeper.
Call substations on any/all of the 4 possible groups and sound their beeper, even if it has been locked out or deselected at the substation. 

Call + Vibrate.
Call substations on any/all of the 4 possible groups and operate their vibrator, even if it has been deselected at the substation. 

S/M Talk.
Allows the stage manager to mute all mics and turn his mic on with just one button. 

Cast Call.
Allows the Stage manager to mute all microphones and turn his mic on with just one button. An optional Cast Call unit activates, passing talkback audio to the Cast Call (dressing room) PA system. 

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  Control Unit 
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