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16 Channel Theatre Cue Light
A visual signalling system for theatres that allows silent cues to be given to actors and technicians. 

  16 Channel Master Station.

Control your Cue Lights from two Master Stations simultaneously.
Dual Master details here (pages 14 & 15 from the User Manual)

Complete User Manual here

  Standard Cue Light Outstation

Small foot-print Outstation     

Original Small foot-print Outstation

Relay Outstation     

Contact Sensor


RS232/485 PC interface
Unsolicited feedback from a repeat customer.

"Here is to let you know that the show we’ve been putting together for the past 13 months finally opened last week and has been going extremely well.
Both lighting crew and stage management team who install and manipulate your CUE Light system are fully satisfied and very happy with what we geared them with."

Marc André Roy
Lighting Project Manager - Chargé de Projet Éclairage
Cirque du Soleil

"We Absolutely love the system, it has been a great asset to the tour and the flexibility it offers is spectacular!"

Jeffrey Chappell
Cirque du Soleil - Kooza
Head of Lighting

An easy to use system allows Cue Lights to be daisy chained on a single cable for fast setup.

  • Up to 40 programmable Cue Lights.
  • Multiple Cue Lights per channel.
  • 2,000m (6500ft)+ total cable length.
  • 2 Master Groups allow simple 1 button cues.
  • Continuously monitors cables for faults.
  • All metal, low profile Outstations have flush LEDs.
  • Relay, Beeper and Work-Light Outstations available.
  • Optional RS232/RS485 remote from your favorite show control software.
  • No IP networking required.

Speaker Isolation Module for 100V PA lines in secure areas

To prevent PA loudspeakers in a secure area from being used as microphones, the Speaker Isolation Module is installed within the secure area between an incoming 100V speaker circuit and the speakers to be secured. The wiring to the secured speakers is fully monitored.
The module can also be used on 70V systems.

Speaker's Timer / Conference Timer

A versatile count down timer to indicate the time remaining for a speech.
Has a remote display for the lectern and an optional display for the A/V operator.

Talkback System / Theatre Intercom

Talkback substation with vibrate and audible call indication.
Compatible with Clearcom.
A Remote Control Unit enables extra features like global mic mute, calls to 1 of 4 groups, Mute all mics & open Stage Manager's mic with 1 button, and lots more.

Camera Jib Intercom System

Two channel communication system for jib and crane cameras.
Features include individual Production and Program level controls for operator and grip(s), Talkback level control, Return Vision and Tally Light facilities. 12V battery or mains.
This product was custom designed by us for Great Location Devices.
For further information and pricing please visit

12 Channel Media Splitter

An audio distribution amplifier primarily designed to feed multiple ENG cameras from a single lectern microphone at media events.
Balanced or unbalanced outputs adjustable from mic to line level. Input level control.
Alignment oscillator and monitor speaker.


Direct Inject Boxes and Line Isolation Transformers

Active   and   Passive Direct Inject Boxes.

D.I. Box Picture

For those who discuss performance before they discuss price.
We would never build something of lesser quality to meet a price point.

Our no compromise designs offer excellent sonic performance and very high rejection of electrical noise caused by earth loops. A general purpose passive model for every day work and an active model with an extremely high input impedance ideally suited to the needs of piezo and other high impedance pickups. Both DIs feature an earth lift switch that really does work.
A Dual Channel passive DI is also available. 
Same specs and size as the single channel passive DI.

Line Isolation Transformer

Line Isolation transformer picture

A high performance line level Isolation Transformer designed for the serious audio professional where sonic performance and freedom from earth loops and ground noise is of utmost importance.


Instrument Microphones

Mic Picture

The LSM50C, LSM900 and LSM1000 electret condenser microphones are high performance omni-directional microphones designed for recording studio, broadcast and sound reinforcement applications.

Small Windscreens(click for dimensions)

Windscreens to suit many tie-clip style mics.
Packet of 10 for AUD $25.00. 
Postage within Australia AUD $5.00    Other countries: Please contact us.
Australian customers:  Add 10% GST 
Prices are in Australian dollars.

Interspace Industries

We are the Australian and New Zealand distributors for Interspace Industries Ltd, 
UK-based suppliers and manufacturers of cue lights, speaker timers, pc balance box, wireless powerpoint control and presenter timers.



Pre loved PA equipment for sale

The Classic Cohen Microphone Amplifer.

A couple of popular charts

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